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Vandapower was established in the year 2000, when the founder, Dirk Van Damme, noticed that battery manufacturers were not offered the expected service level and customised approach by their component suppliers. In order to guarantee continuity of their production, they needed to maintain large component stocks. 

Our collaboration with the most important component manufacturers, which was initiated in the early days, passed the test of time. However, we went through quite an evolution. We set up our offices in Oosterzele, Belgium and in Austin, Texas, where our motivated and experienced teams are at work servicing companies all over the world. 

From our warehouses we ship orders quickly and punctually to our customers. Our team can work out customer specific solutions and customise our service offering to a large extent. This includes production of assemblies according to our customers' precise needs. 

In order to effectively advise our customers, we continuously invest in the technical knowledge of our team. We consider this as the main enabler for our current high service level to be maintained in the future and for our growth to continue. 

The Vandapower team