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Why Vandapower?

At Vandapower we’ve got a lot to offer, from all the battery equipment you need to expert technical advice and custom packaging solutions.

One-stop shop

Vandapower is your one-stop shop for all quality battery components for industrial batteries.
From connectors and cables to independent technical advice, we've got you covered.

On-time delivery

We make sure your delivery is on-time. Our buffer stock, flexible organization and recent investments in a state-of-the art stock management system guarantee this even more.
And if something unexpected does arise due to external factors, our customer service team will contact you immediately. The last 12 months, 97,8% of orders were delivered on-time.

Complete delivery

Every order you make is checked by our dedicated delivery team. They not only check for errors, they will also suggest better-suited products for your needs if applicable.
The last 12 months, 98,4% of delivered orders were complete. Our customer service made more than 1500 personalised suggestions for improved solutions.

Independent technical advice

As a brand independent expert, we are well-positioned to evaluate the pros and cons of certain battery components. enabling us to provide you with the very best battery components that match your needs, independent of the manufacturer. As an independent expert we can propose multiple alternatives in order to find the battery components that best suit your finished product.
We are happy to help. You can easily contact us by mail or by phone.

Tailored Packaging

Your quality battery components need tailored packaging. We adapt the packaging of your products in order to allow their assembly at minimal effort. We do this by combining our expertise and your input.

In-house cable assembly

Our experts can quickly produce every cable assembly you need, regardless of the type of Connector, Cable or Terminals. For crimping the components of your cable assembly, we follow the suppliers' best practices while also running our own research projects.

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20 years of experience

Founded in 2000, we have got almost 20 years of experience in quality battery components. Straight from the start we focused on quality battery components, independent expert advice and tailored packaging.