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APP connectors with flat-wiping surface

Following product lines are part of our standard portfolio:

SB series

The SB 2-pole connector is available in 50, 175 and 350 amps ratings for use up to 600 Volts AC or DC operation. The SB 175 is also available in a 3-pole design.

A series of SB reducing bushings allows for easy adjustment to different cable diameters.

SBX series

The SBX 2-pole connector is available in 175 and 350 amps rating for use to 600 Volts (150 Volts EN1175-1) continuous AC or DC operation.

SBE series

The SBE Connectors are a further development of the SBX Series. They comply to the standard EN 1175-Part 1. The SBE 2-pole connector is available in 80, 160 and 320 amps rating for use up to 150 Volts continuous AC or DC operation.

The SBE 160 is also available in 3-pole version.

A complete line of components is available:

  • Contacts - Auxiliary Contacts - Reducing bushings
  • Air adapters for electrolyte circulation system
  • 'A'-frame handles - Manual release
  • Dust caps - Cable clamps
  • Housings
  • Tools for removing contacts
  • Charger Key

These connectors can also be delivered as complete cable assemblies, according to your preferences. 


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