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Cable assemblies adapted to your needs

We can quickly produce every cable assembly you need, regardless of the type of connector, cable or terminals. Check out our gallery below or watch our video.

Personalised assemblies

We can custom-make your product, add your proper labels, use the exotic parts you need, pack them in boxes or in plastic containers, deliver them in 2 weeks or even start assembly today. Whatever you it seamlessly integrates with your production.

Highest quality assemblies

We use the manufacturer recommended tooling for a wide variety of products. Moreover, we run our own research projects on assembly methods, enabling us to continuously optimize our assembly methods. Combine this to our advanced quality assurance measures and product traceability, and you can be sure to get the highest quality assemblies on the market.

Full transparency

We've got nothing to hide. We are happy to state the origin of every part of your assembly. You also are very welcome to come visit our facilities, so you can audit yourself how your products are being assembled.

Independent technical advice

As an independent expert we can propose multiple alternatives in order to find the battery components that best suit your finished product.
We are happy to help. You can easily contact us by mail or by phone.

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