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Top brands

At Vandapower we only work together with the best manufacturers. So you can be sure your industrial battery components match your needs. Some of the brands we work with:


Abertax develops and produces plastic parts and electronics, including battery management tools.

Anderson Power Products is a producer of high-power connection solutions for various industries.

BFS is known for high-quality float-based battery watering systems and accessories. 

Direct Wire & Cable is a US-based manufacturer of electrical cables.

Frötek is a manufacturer of intercell connectors, acid circulation components and other plastic and electronic parts. 

Philadelphia Scientific is active in battery performance innovation. It supplies a wide range of battery watering accessories and battery monitoring tools.

Schaltbau is a multi-industry concern, which develops and sells high-current DC connectors and a variety of contact systems.

Rema is a manufacturer of DC connectors and other electrical accessories.


Would you like to know more about our brands? Feel free to contact us. We're happy to help.